Looking for a golf cart? Here are a few tips about getting started:

Find a dealer you can trust.

We at Southland Golf Carts want nothing but the best for our customers, which means honesty and fair dealing in helping you select the best golf cart to suit your needs.

Repairs are part of the package.

Like any vehicle, your golf cart will someday need repairs. When that time comes, you can trust Southland Golf Carts to serve you with efficiency and speed at prices you can’t beat anywhere else.

Try some out.

We at Southland encourage all our customers to drive before they buy. A test drive and a thorough review of a cart’s standard and custom features can save misunderstandings later.

Know your budget.

Golf carts are relatively inexpensive, but purchasing one may not be your best option, if a rental will do. Let Southland serve you or your organization with our reasonable rates and prompt delivery.

Do your research.

Ask local friends or family members who own or have owned golf carts about their experiences with dealers, costs and service. Chances are, you’ll hear some positive things about Southland Golf Carts along the way.

Need Gas or Electric?

Well, it depends on how you will be using your cart. Do you want the speed & pwoer of a gas engine, or are you more interested in an economical neighborhood ride? Talk with a Southland sales representative about what’s best for you.

Is buying reconditioned really a good deal?

For you “reconditioned” means a less expensive ride. For us, it means checking the cart for problems and fixing what needed to be fixed.

At Southland, we stand behind everything we sell.